The New Yorker Premiere

My latest documentary, A LINE BIRDS CANNOT SEE, is now available on The New Yorker Documentary, a new platform which is presenting films that offer “uncommon perspectives on issues that matter to us now.” Please watch and share the film. The film is accompanied by an article by Sarah Larson: “Like another recent film featured […]

Love wins! (an Emmy!!)

Last night the “Trans in America: Texas Strong” team won an Emmy for Outstanding Short doc. We couldn’t be prouder: Here is the writeup in the Dallas Voice: The short documentary Trans In America: Texas Strong — created by ACLU and Little By Little Films and broadcast by them./Conde Nast Entertainment — has won Outstanding Short Documentary […]

“Rhumb Line” at ICOSA Gallery

ICOSA Collective presents Rhumb Line New Work by Amy Bench and Jenn Wilson Opening Reception Friday, August 16, 7-10pm  The easiest way to navigate across the globe is to keep a constant bearing. Naturally, one would think this would be the shortest and straightest route to the desired destination, though surprisingly one would be traveling […]

“A Line Birds Cannot See” to premiere at SXSW

For the past year, I have had the privilege to make a short animated documentary about a young woman’s journey from Guatemala to the United States. Culled from over 5 hours of personal interviews with E.L. (we are keeping her identity private for now), the 9 minute film follows the journey of a determined 12-year-old […]

“Trans in America” Series premiere on Conde Nast’s ‘them.’

Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and filming Kimberly Shappely and her 7 year old daughter Kai, who have been contending with a rigid, conservative community in Pearland, Texas while they fight for transgender rights for Kai. I’m happy to announce this project dear to my heart has been released by the ACLU in partnership […]

Lollipop Girls

Show at Women & Their Work

A project I have been shooting in collaboration with artist Denise Prince over the last year is premiering tonight at Women & Their Work! A blurb from the gallery: In large paintings, photographs, performance and a 16mm film, Denise Prince seeks to lay bare the outsized role that fantasy plays in the construction of identity […]

‘I’m With the Banned’ for Teen Vogue

I had the opportunity to shoot stills for a recent Teen Vogue piece written by Jessica Goudeau: When Sarah Bagh thinks of Syria, she thinks of summer evenings spent catching turtles with her cousins in their grandparents’ backyard in Damascus. While the children played, the adults lingered over dinner, neighbors and relatives sharing news with […]

An Uncertain Future

I collaborated with Austin filmmakers Chelsea Hernandez and Iliana Sosa this spring on a short documentary about undocumented parents. Chelsea and Iliana were commissioned by Field of Vision and Firelight media to tell a story from the perspective of vulnerable communities for the series Our 100 Days, exploring threats to U.S. democracy during the first 100 days […]

The OUTWORDS Archive

I had the unique opportunity to work on the first nation-wide video archive of LGBTQ activists this past week, with founder and director/producer Mason Funk of the The OUTWORDS Archive. We interviewed 13 activists in 7 days, traveling across the state of Texas, stopping in Dallas, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Houston, and Gun Barrel City. Everyone […]

L’Enfant Terrible

Outtakes from final shoot with director Denise Prince for her project “L’Enfant Terrible.” Premiering in October for a month-long show at Women & Their Work (Austin, TX). Stay tuned!