Holy Hell!

I attended Sundance this year in support of the amazing documentary “Holy Hell,” about life inside of a spiritual cult. Directed by a former cult member, Will Allen, it takes you on an amazing journey of living within a strong and supportive community, only to have it slowly unravel and shatter. The footage was largely culled from hours of footage Will shot while inside the cult (he was there for 20 years!), and the DP of the film, the talented Polly Morgan, shot interviews with Allen’s friends and fellow ex-cult members in LA and Austin. I had an opportunity to work with Will on the film, shooting some of the interviews of his family during Thanksgiving 2014.

Before the Holy Hell premiere, Will did an interview with Variety Magazine, sharing some of the imagery he created for the narcissistic cult leader while still in the group. The featured image above is part of that series, and more of the work and an insightful interview can be read on Variety.